Meet Donna Lou Herb



Details About Donna

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
Hills Own Meatloaf Mix (Take & Bake in the Butcher Shop)
Tyrell's Potato Chips
Seasonal Local Produce (pictured with Wayward Seed Farm carrots & swiss chard)
Der Dutchman Buckeye Pie (Plain City, Ohio)
Gerber Chicken (Kidron, Ohio)

Her Favorite Restaurant: Right now, my favorite is Bayleaf Indian Bistro.

Her Favorite Meal: Thanksgiving Dinner! I love the tradition. I love cooking it. I love eating it. I love the leftovers.

What She Likes Best About Her Job: I love the customer interactions and being able to get into a dialogue with our customers about food, about what they want. It's fun to offer something beyond what they expect.

On the Chef's Case: We have the freedom to create dishes that are dictated by the season, by what's popular, by what interests our customers. My dishes have many inspirations, including food magazines and the local fruits and vegetables that Woody carries over in produce. But some items - the classics - don't change. They've been here longer than I have.

On the Catering Shoppe:
We're intimately involved in our customers' special events and it's always exciting to off-road the menu - that is, to create something new - to customize an event.


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