Meet Sarah Kauffer

Sarah has been part a Customer Specialist at The Hills Market since September 2006. With 30 years experience in the grocery industry, she's one of the prize members of our team. You'll find Sarah at the register, filling candy orders or stocking and ordering specialty cold drinks at the front of the store.


Details About Sarah

What She Eats at Home: I try to cook as little as possible.

Favorite Restaurant: I like to go to PF Chang's.

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
Hills Own Pizza
$5 12 Inch Subs
Hills Own Ground Beef
Salad Bar (pictured)
Arnold Palmer Iced Tea

Favorite Music: I listen to country music. These days, I've been listening to Kenny Chesney.

What She Does in her Spare Time: I like to do home improvements. We just redid our floors at home. I like to do things myself.

What Makes The Hills Market Different: I have the freedom to be myself here; I can express myself. And the customers are great - they call me by name. I try to greet every person who walks in by their name, if I know them. I'm trying to learn more names every day.