Meet Kenny Belton

Kenny joined our team in September of 1999. Although he is a man of many hats, and serves our customers throughout the store, you'll find him working in the Butcher Shop more often than not. Kenny is an integral part of our team, offering excellent service to our customers and in-depth sports statistics, trivia and knowledge to our other team members. All in all, Kenny helps bring the entire store together.


Details About Kenny

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
My Dadz Nutz (Powell, Ohio)
Der Dutchman Doughnuts (Plain City, Ohio)
Hills Own Herbed Chicken Breasts
Hills Own Pizza

What He Cooks At Home:
I like to grill shrimp and to make steak sandwiches.

His Favorite Restaurant:
Columbus Fish Market. I love the scallops there.

What He Likes About The Hills Market:
The employees are friendly and the managers are helpful. There really is a friendly atmosphere for customers and we always try to keep a checkout lane open so people don't have to wait.

His Hobbies:
I like to golf, go fishing and play video games.

His Favorite Movie:
Super Troopers

In The Future:
I'd like to have a career doing sports marketing.