Meet Myrna Aukerman

Myrna does not like having a lot of attention thrown her way, so it took a little prodding to get her to allow us to feature her as one of the most valuable team members at The Hills Market. She's been working with us since May of 2003 and she is right at home (and much needed) in our Produce Department. Myrna runs our Salad Bar, stocks our bagged salads, places the Marzetti orders and cuts vegetables and fruits for trays and platters. She often lends a helping hand to Hills Own Floral Shoppe and the folks in the Delicatessen, as well. Myrna is a total joy to work with and a key behind-the-scenes player in our store.

Details About Myrna

What She Cooks at Home: At home, I grill everything, from chicken to veggies. I even grill my garlic bread.

Favorite Restaurant: Applebee's. My favorite meal there is the Crispy Orange Chicken Bowl.

Favorite Veggie:
Red bell peppers are my favorite veggie. I put them in everything, including kabobs, salmon patties, baked beans, pizza and sandwiches.

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
Hills Own Ground Beef
Gerber's Chicken
The Sandwich of the Day
Driscoll's Strawberries
Hills Own Salad Bar

Favorite Part of the Produce Department: I like talking with our customers about our products. I like to share recipes with them.

What She Likes About The Hills Market:
I like the people I work with, hearing stories from our customers and having the freedom to experiment with new ideas. I like to be creative with how to showcase our items.