Restaurant quality food with grocery store prices.

Our team of Professional Foodies works daily to fill our Chef’s Cases (at the Original Hills Market and The Hills Market Downtown) with house-made dishes so you can enjoy real food without the work. Each day presents a new selection of seasonal starters, mains and sides. From seafood, beef, chicken and vegetarian entrees to restaurant-quality side dishes (for a fraction of the cost), we create good food. Whether you need a quick dinner for your family or a gourmet dish for a party, our chefs are up to the challenge.

Some Staples:
• Hills Own Famous Crab Cakes with Sherry Cayenne Dipping Sauce
• Hills Own Famous Twice Baked Potatoes
• Hills Own Ohio Beef Meatloaves
• Hills Own Spiral Sliced Ham

Do you have a favorite you’d like us to have in the case for you? Let us know (48 hours in advance, please) and we’ll get it for you.