Meet Joe "Woody" Woodruff

Meet Joe "Woody" Woodruff. We call him Woody and he's been working in the produce industry since the early 1960's - nearly fifty years. Woody started at The Hills Market in 1992; he actually helped open the store. Although he likes to appear stubborn, Woody would do - and has done - absolutely anything to make a customer happy. And he knows produce. Every single fruit and vegetable is inspected by Woody and his team before it ends up in the Produce Department. All in all, Woody is a permanent part of the soul of our store, and we'd have it no other way.


Details About Woody

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
Ohio Strawberries (Pictured)
Garlic Expressions Dressing (Perrysburg, Ohio)
Hills Own Ground Beef

His Favorite Thing to Cook at Home: I make a pretty great Italian wedding soup.

Special Culinary Pursuit: I've been making my own sausage at home.

Favorite Seasonal Produce:
Morels and strawberries (spring), Ohio peaches (summer), Ohio apples (autumn) and swiss chard (winter).

What Makes the Produce at Hills Different: The produce here is fresh, it's seasonal, it's alive.

Five Favorite Parts of His Job:
I work with great people.
I get to serve incredible customers.
I love demoing great-tasting produce.
I love creating large displays of fresh produce.
The special events.

His Hobbies: Fishing (you'll find me at Wetstone Creek in Delaware, Ohio in the spring) and my eight grandkids. (Madison, Merianda, Merisa, Little Joe, Payton, Parker, Chase and Mitch.)


To contact Woody please call 614.846.3220 or email him at