Meet Jay Stiffler

Jay is our Vice President and General Manager. He came to The Hills Market in November of 2007, and we've found that his history of owning two different restaurants, working in food distribution and having deep roots in retail has made Jay very valuable to our store. This man knows his food. And he loves it, too.

Details About Jay

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
Hills Own Pizza
Gerber Chicken
Hills Own Maple Glazed Salmon
Ohio Beef Tenderloin Filets
Ohio Corn & Tomatoes

His Favorite Casual Restaurant: I like Luce in Powell and I often meet my daughters at Aladdin's in Clintonville.

His Favorite Fine Dining Restaurant: Hyde Park. It feels like a steak house from decades ago.

His Favorite Thing to Cook at Home: Hills Beef Tenderloin Filets.

How He Defines Customer Service: Anticipating the customer's needs and exceeding his or her expectations on every level, from the front of the store to the back.

His Hobbies: Golf, cooking, reading.

Favorite Book: I love anything by Carl Hiassen.

Favorite Magazine: The Smithsonian.

What People May Not Know about Hills: The number of products for which we have been the first retail outlet. Some have gone on to great success. Others, not so much.

His Favorite Event at Hills: My favorite ongoing event is Ohio's Sweet Hearts. My favorite ever was the Kahiki Dinner.

To contact Jay please call 614.846.3220 or email him at