Meet Jane Hoch

Jane, our Floral Director, has been working in Hills Own Floral Shoppe since January of 2002. She runs a seamless department, and is in charge of the purchasing and merchandising of our fresh flowers, plants and gift items. She also uses her design expertise and great eye to create a standard of excellent design (contemporary or classic) in every floral arrangement that comes from our Shoppe.


Details About Jane

Five Favorite Items at The Hills Market:
Papyrus Cards
Hills Own Caramel Brie
Concodor Lilies (Pictured)
Chairman's Reserve Filet Mignon
Hills Own Raspberry Chicken Salad

What She Cooks At Home: In the summer, I love to make peel & eat barbeque shrimp in a great spice and butter sauce, served with baguettes to dip in the sauce. We all dip into a common bowl; everyone shares.

Her Favorite Restaurant: Ocean Club. I love to sit at the bar and have appetizers. They make the best Cosmopolitans. I also like Hyde Park on Henderson Road; I order the Steak Oscar.

What Makes for Great Service: Being helpful and giving ideas to customers to make their events and parties as great as possible.

Her Hero: My fiancé, Jesse. He works very hard and does anything he can do to help people.

Her Hobbies:
Golf, sewing (I have a degree in dress design), gardening and making jewelry.

What She Likes about Her Job: I like being creative and working with fresh flowers. I like that I help to make customers happy; everyone loves flowers.

Best Kept Secret of Hills Own Floral Shoppe: We do weddings.


To contact Jane please call 614.846.3220 or email her at