Hills Catering Menu

Hors d'oeuvres

Hand-crafted in-house from the best ingredients. Alterations accepted. Please order 48 hours in advance. 

Hills Own Crabcakes  
miniature crabcakes loaded with real crab, house-made sherry cayenne vinaigrette
$2.75| each 


Crab-Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms
savoryt marinated creminis, real crab
$2.25 | each D GF


BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
large shrimp, house-made BBQ sauce, house-smoked bacon
$2.50 | each GF


Coconut Shrimp 
large fried coconut shrimp, house-made orange horseradish sauce
$2.50 | each D


Classic Shrimp Cocktail
a classic: chilled shrimp, house-made cocktail sauce
$8.25 | person GF


Firecracker Shrimp
chilled large shrimp, spicy southwest rub
$2.50 | each GF


Smoked Salmon Cucumber Coins
Scottish smoked salmon atop bite-size cucumber coin, house-made lemon zest dill sauce
$2.50 | each D GF


Lobster Spring Rolls
crispy rolls of lobster, red and yellow peppers, napa cabbage
$3.25 | each


Ohio Beef Tenderloin Parmesan Shortbreads
medium-rare beef tenderloin, horseradish sauce, young greens, house-made parmesan cracker
$3 | each D


Ohio Beef Tenderloin Brioche Sandwiches
medium-rare beef tenderloin, horseradish sauce, young greens, brioche rolls
$4 | each D


Tuscan Chicken Crostini
grilled Gerber chicken, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, house-made artichoke spread, four-cheese blend, crisp crostini
$2.75 | each


Chicken Artichoke Phyllo
house-made artichoke dip, Gerber chicken morsels, phyllo cups
$1.75 | each D


Greek Chicken Phyllo
Gerber chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, Aegean dressing, phyllo cups
$1.75 | each D


Chorizo Bites in Phyllo
chorizo, diced bell peppers, Manchego cheese, phyllo cups
$1.75 | each D


Chicken Teriyaki & Grilled Pineapple Skewers
teriyaki grilled Gerber chicken, pineapple, scallions
$2.50 | each 


El Campo Empanadas
authentic Argentinean empanadas: steak, ground beef, chicken, vegetarian
$3.00| each  


Artichoke Truffles
artichokes, lemon-tarragon goat cheese, Parmesan bread crumbs
$1.75 | each V


Roasted Peppers Stuffed with Grilled Veggies
sweet petite peppers fliled with zucchini, squash, red onions, goat cheese
$2 | each D V GF


Marinated Olives 
Italian and Greek olives, lemon zest, herbs, olive oil
$3.25 | person V VG GF


Mushrooms & Boursin in Phyllo
creminis, shiitakes, Boursin cheese, bite-size phyllo cups
$2| each D V


Brie & Chutner in Phyllo
French brie, mango chutney, bite-size phyllo cups
$1.75 | each N V


V: Vegetarian VG: Vegan N: Contains Nuts | D: Contains Dairy | GF: Gluten-Free