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Morels, Fiddleheads and Ramps, Oh My!

Market to Market is Back!

We're joining forces with North Market again for Market to Market. Click here for details.

Spring Treat.

Just in time for spring, we introduce Claire's Confections. Made in Upper Arlington, these miniature cake bites are handcrafted by Claire, herself. We've tried them all and love them all. Rich, velvety cake meets creamy icing and dense chocolate coating in each of her four flavors: Raspberry Chocolate, Espresso Cream, Red Velvet Peppermint and Lime Zest. Buy them by the piece, four pack or a larger gift set. 

Operation Coffee Cake.

We're pleased to partner with Pavey Square Bakery for Operation Coffee Cake. Together, we'll help fill boxes for our troops overseas. For a $5.00 contribution, Pavey Square Bakery will prepare a loaf-sized BonBon Brown Sugar Cinnamon Coffee Cake to be donated to the Blue Star Mothers for their packing day on April 21, 2011 and Operation Buckeye for their twice monthly packing dates. Donate $5.00, write a note (if you'd like) and the coffee cakes will be baked, vacuum sealed and shipped.


Because of your generous support, Pavey Square Bakery will be sending 120 coffee cakes to the troops.

Birthdays with Benefits 

Starting on Friday, April 1st, any senior 65 or better will be able to pick up one free pound of Hills Own Famous Ham Salad on his or her birthday. (No joke). Just present a valid ID containing your date of birth, and you'll walk away with the best ham salad in Ohio.

Hope Starts at Hills.

Our website says we love our community, and our actions confirm this statement. One of our favorite ways to support local organizations is our token program. Any time you use a reusable bag instead of one of our plastic or paper bags, we give you a token to place in one of three containers. Each token is worth three to five cents and counts as a donation to the organization you choose. Together, we get to help a charity and reduce waste! Everyone wins! You may have noticed a new organization appear as part of the program: Chasing Hope. Let’s learn a little about this brand new philanthropic team made up of five young ladies from Worthington Hills.

From left to right: Sammie Zimmerman, Amelia Sampson, Sammy Crozier, Kayla Sayer, Haley Carlson

Hills: Tell us about Chasing Hope.

Chasing Hope: We are a non-profit organization that helps the YWCA Family Center in every way we can. Every month we hold different social events to raise money. We also volunteer at the shelter by making crafts and playing games with the kids.
Hills: How did you come up with this idea?

Sammy Crozier: We read an article about the YWCA Family Center being filled to capacity with families. They have room from 50 families but in October, they had around 80. Together, we thought of Chasing Hope. Our first meeting actually last close to six hours. We talked about different ways we could raise money, different event ideas and what we could do to help around the shelter. So far, it's been working and we hope it does until we graduate. Our goal is to raise $10,700 total and to have around 100 members by the end of 2011.

Hills: Tell us about your experiences at the shelter.

CH: When we volunteer at the shelter, we sit and play with the kids of all ages. Their parents stick around and play games or make crafts if we have with them. They all tell us stories and different things about their lives. It really is an amazing feeling to see a kid smile even though they're going through a hard time. Sometimes, if they're still at the shelter when we visit the next time, some of the kids recognize us which is just completely exciting to know that they remember someone they only spent an hour with a couple weeks ago.

Hills: How do you raise money?

CH: Every month we have social events for our members. To become a member, it's a $25 membership fee and then it's a $10 event fee. Besides our members, we have sponsors (who donate around $50-$100) and Hope Ropes. A Hope Rope is a paper link that we sell a dollar each. All of the money we raise goes straight to the shelter.

Hills: Can you tell us your favorite part of the organization so far?

Sammy Crozier: My favorite part is talking to the kids at the shelter and seeing them smile and have a good time when we visit.

Haley Carlson: I enjoy seeing the kids laugh and have fun with us and each other. They’re making memories even when they're not in a very good time in their lives.

Sammie ZImmerman: I love everything about Chasing Hope, the volunteering and the events.

Learn more about Chasing Hope here.


Local Love.

The Dispatch says it best: Buying local is big. Click through to read this piece on Ohio products with our store.

Eco Friendly Salmon Comes to the Chef's Case.

We're pleased to announce that all the salmon in our Chef's Case is now Loch Duart Scottish Salmon. This salmon has the highest concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids of any farmed salmon, creating a healthier and tastier salmon. 

Features of Loch Duart Scottish Salmon:

No GMOs or antibiotics are used
• Served at The French Laundry
• Awarded the highest honor of the French Culinary Institute
Endorsed by Greenpeace for sustainable practices