Market Madness Team Profile: Baggers with Swagger.

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Team Members: Cashiers, Baggers, Grocery Stockers, Managers
Chosen Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 

Service Strengths: Hate to wait in line? Team Baggers with Swagger understands. This is the team that makes sure that your check out experience at The Hills Market goes smoothly and quickly. They carry your groceries — and mulch, and Christmas trees — to the car, no matter the weather. They answer the phones, take your reservations and take care of the ubiquitous "clean up in aisle three." Many members of this team have been at The Hills Market for the better part of a decade, which means that not only do they know you, but they know your family, pets and produce preferences. In short, this team is comprised of the first and last smiling faces you see at The Hills Market.

Above and Beyond: Team Baggers with Swagger handles our special orders and all of our front of house service issues. They're the ones that get that bring in that barbeque sauce you've been looking for and can't find anywhere. 

On St. Judes: One of the longtime members of Team Baggers with Swagger is a childhood cancer survivor. In honor of this fellow team member, our front of house staff chose St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.

A Note on our Team Logos: Last week, we were graced for a day by one Zoe Baumgartner-Brown. A creative soul from Columbus Alternative High School, she spent a morning and afternoon in the throes of all the behind-the-scenes work at The Hills Market as part of a shadowing program. It just so happened that Zoe's visit coincided with the details of our Market Madness Service Showdown competition on Facebook. It took only seconds to realize that her skills as an illustrator far surpass any of those in the world of our (one person) in-house marketing department. As we post our Team Profiles, take a moment to celebrate Zoe and her work; she helped to create all eight team logos for Market Madness. We can't wait to see where she lands. Here's hoping it's Central Ohio; we'll all be enriched by her creativity and wit.

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