Market Madness Service Showdown.

This March, Eight Hills Market teams are in the running for the best service in the store and they're competing for a worthy prize:$250 to donate to their chosen charity. We want you to pull out your brackets and join in the fun of determining which teams provide the service that makes our store like no other. Your votes determine the winner.

How to Vote: 
1. "Like" us on Facebook. 
2. Choose your favorite team in our poll. (Worth one point.) 
3. Write on our Facebook wall to tell us why you chose your team. (Worth two points each.)
Does our Front of House Staff (Baggers with Swagger) get you out the door faster than any other grocery in Columbus? Do the folks in the Wine Department (Team Spirits) excel in getting you special orders? Do the guys in our Butcher Shop and Seafood Department (Poseidon Approved) offer recipes with your meat and seafood orders? Let us know. 
We'll tally the results on April 2nd and let you know which team - and which charity - wins in our inaugural Market Madness Service Showdown. 



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